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Yoga in United Kingdom: Our top choices

» Here is our selection of the best yoga retreats, yoga holidays and yoga teacher trainings in United Kingdom «

Although small, the UK is a concentrated selection of things to see and do. Rich in history - once upon a time the sun never set on the British Empire - the UK is now a collection of isles that include England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. It’s impossible to get away from it all here as a densely populated landscape means you are never more than an hour’s walk from a hamlet, town, and local pub. From the bustling cities to the sometimes-impenetrable accents, the United Kingdom is one part beehive-like activity, one part slow-moving rural idyll and one part wild coastline. Add a dash of music, art, and yes, yoga, and you have a location that fascinating, easy-to-navigate, and endlessly pleasing. As long as you bring an umbrella.

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Although mostly part of the European Union, the UK still uses Pound Sterling as its currency. It is also one of the last countries in the world to cling to the imperial unit system, so miles, pints, and pounds are all common terms here and can create confusion for visitors. Visas aren’t necessary for EU citizens and some other countries and basic tourist visas are easy to obtain, sometimes online.

There are retreats all over the UK, predominantly in the greener, quieter parts of the country. Although these can feel like worlds away from the international metropolitan center of London, they are usually less than a couple of hours train ride or drive. The rolling green hills and craggy, white-waved coastlines are perfect spots for rest and contemplation, all within a stone’s throw of the amenities that make life a little more comfortable.

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  • What we love
  • The wide variation of accents, landscape, and culture
  • Extensive public transport system
  • A wealth of history rubbing elbows with cutting edge living
  • What to know
  • Pound sterling is still a powerful currency so this is not the cheapest destination
  • Weather conditions are rarely ideal - bring warm clothes
  • Most goods and services attract 20% tax -- this should be included in a total price quoted
  • Why go
  • Easy to get to from almost anywhere in the world
  • Lovely selection of yoga retreats and yoga teacher training courses
  • Variety of attractions and cultures in a compact country
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    • Skanda Vale Monastery

      »Hard work and no pay in rural Wales«
      Yoga style: Bhakti, Karma
      Yoga offer: Other
      Location: United Kingdom > Carmarthen
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    • ecoYoga

      »Truly one of the yoga world's hidden gems«
      Yoga style: Ashtanga, Hatha
      Yoga offer: Yoga retreats, Other
      Location: United Kingdom > Ford
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