Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch


Explore a truly Yogic way of living during a stay at the tranquil Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch, just two hours from bustling New York City. Firmly rooted in the well-established Sivananda tradition ever since its founding in 1974, the center maintains the classical framework of an ashram, with a daily schedule requiring everyone's attendance at satsang (a group gathering with meditation, chanting, and lecture) and Hatha Yoga classes. This discipline is complemented by providing a beautiful space in nature, conducive to inner reflection and self-discovery – be it on a weekend getaway, a 5-day Yoga course, or a month-long teacher training. There is a steady stream of programs on a wide variety of topics, from A for ayurveda to Y for Yogic breathing, catering to newcomers and old-hands alike. A special wellness center adds a nurturing touch with healing massages and a wood-burning sauna, and the twice-daily organic vegetarian meals provide inner nourishment. Share accommodation with other guests, or book a private room or apartment; you might also look into the residential Karma Yoga program which offers reduced rates in exchange for “selfless service”.

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