Menla Mountain Retreat


In the Tibetan language, “Menla” is the healing Buddha of Medicine. The Menla Mountain Retreat has chosen this name as a mission to provide health and well-being through holistic medical care. Originally founded as a retreat center for Robert Thurman's Tibet House in nearby New York City, Menla aims to preserve the Tibetan wisdom of healing, but embraces all other integrated traditions, such as yoga and Ayurveda, thus creating an impressive line-up of a wide variety of retreats led by renowned spiritual teachers. What was once sacred ceremonial land to the local Native Americans in the Catskill Mountains is now home to beautifully designed buildings for group gatherings as well as deluxe accommodation, tennis courts, an outdoor pool, a sweat lodge, and other facilities - all spread out over the tranquil grounds that have been blessed by the Dalai Lama. A highlight for those seeking to indulge themselves is the Mahasukha Spa where you can enjoy many different kinds of therapies and bodywork, or a one-on-one yoga session to restore your inner balance.

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