Big Sky Yoga Retreats


Saddle up for cowgirl Yoga! Out in the beautiful countryside of Montana, complete with pine forests, waterfalls and surrounding snow-capped mountains, Big Sky Yoga Retreats offer 3-night getaways with Yoga sessions and horseback riding. Be it on the mat flowing through sun salutations or in the saddle exploring a scenic trail – both activities aim to relieve you from any burdens you might experience in your everyday life and restore your sense of balance and well-being. Pamper yourself with a bit of luxury on one of eight different retreat programs, aptly named “Luxe Cowgirl Yoga” or “Eat Pray Love Yoga and Hiking”, which include healthy local food, single or shared accommodation, and the opportunity for a photo shoot starring you as your cowgirl self. Every year, women with breast cancer have the chance to win a retreat scholarship to experience first-hand the healing effects that can arise from connecting with horses and practising Yoga.

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