Surf Into Yoga


Surf Into Yoga Wellness Packages are designed by Rochelle Ballard, pro surfer and ASP world tour veteran. She offers the so-called YOGALIGN technique, are a mix of athletic bodywork and pain free physical alignment put into a sequence allowing to change old movement patterns and heal chronic pain. Visitors may join for group classes at the Kauai Sheraton hotel (Monday - Friday, 8:30AM), can book private classes, come for her workshops (check website for current offers), or book packages. The Heā€™Nalu surf and yoga package includes a private surf lesson, private yoga class and massage treatment, other detox and wellbeing programs are available as well. Custom designed packages can be spiced up with SUP lessons, boat tours, river excursions, mountain biking, light energy work, and ayurvedic nutrition consultations. Rochelle is very involved in community building, serving in different organizations and boards contributing to community building and support of female surfers.

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