Joshua Retreat Center


The Joshua Retreat Center is located in the beautiful nature of California close to national parks and canyon preserves. In the land where Paramahansa Yogananda once walked his path bringing Yoga to the Western world, students from around the world now find the real thing in the form of a sacred retreat center that has made it its vision to create lots of open spaces serving an individual, nourishing, and deep practice. The outdoor amphitheater is breathtaking and makes for wonderful evenings under the stars. Recurring workshops include awareness and against the stream retreats, as well as councils of love gatherings. Yogis who stay here get a chance to play with many forms of Yoga beyond the classic asana practice and are invited to join breathwork, drum circles, didgeridoo concerts Watsu, Tai Chi, Qui Gong, meditation, nutrition courses, throat singing, and sweat lodges. The alternative Bhakti Fest takes place here once a year at this non-profit run retreat center.

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