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All-encompassing is the description which best describes Samahita Retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand. Under the umbrella name of Samahita Retreat are the three parts of the property: Samahita Yoga Thailand, offering shorter Yoga retreats, Centered Yoga with 200 and 500 hour teacher training courses and Samahita Wellness Thailand which offers detoxifying treatments. With such a broad offering everyone can find that Yoga, detox or spa treatment they are looking for!

  • What we love
  • Wide selection of retreats and programs
  • Friendly place for single travellers
  • Modern accommodation with wifi
  • What to know
  • Sattvic food in a luxury-stay environment
  • Large retreat center - can be full of people
  • If booking the Detox retreat, it’s important to book a private room (and therefore a private bathroom)
  • Children welcome, high-quality Kid’s Club onsite
  • High-priced by Thai standards
  • Why go
  • The retreat center has a holistic approach to life
  • All details perfectly attended to

Samahita Retreat started with the blossoming idea of spreading the knowledge, love and devotion that its founders Paul and Jutima Dallagham shared with each other. From modest beginnings in 2003, Samahita Retreat has grown into three branches of holistic guided programs which encompass not only Yoga but also general wellbeing and health treatments. There are many shorter and longer courses on offer at Samahita, all of which aim to provide guests with a supportive environment in which to either change their lifestyle choices or deepen their practice and understanding of Yoga and holistic health. All courses and retreats take place at the gorgeous property on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand.

The Samahita Yoga Thailand programs offer shorter retreats (one to two weeks) from both in-house teachers and visiting teachers. These retreats take a broader look into your lifestyle and are aimed at bringing you back to balance with sessions of asana, healthy eating, talks on well-being and cooking classes. These retreats run year round.

If you are looking for a more focused program, then the Centered Yoga Teacher Training offerings are for you. Samahita has 200-hour and 500-hour Yoga Alliance accredited trainings. The 200-hour training is the foundation course in yoga covering asana, pranayama, physiology and biology, dietary information and of course meditation. The 200-hour training is held for one month on-site in Koh Samui but has a prerequisite of five months of reading and coursework which are emailed to you every two weeks prior to arrival.

The Continuing Education Training Courses are Yoga Alliance Certified. These are 100-hour modules that run over two weeks and are only open to students with previous training (specifically the 200-hour certification). Designed for those who want to add toward their 500-hour certificate, these modules have differing focuses like pranayama, asana, chanting, philosophy and anatomy/physiology. Samahita Retreat also offers their own 1100 hour courses for those who want to continue even further. These are not Yoga Alliance accredited and can take from five to seven years to complete.

Classical Yoga with roots in Hatha is taught at Samahita retreat with the inclusion of vinyasa, asana and pranayama. Sri. O.P Tiwari is the main teacher of Paul Dallagham, the founder of Samahita Retreat. Sri O.P Tiwari is the very respected senior teacher of the Kaivalyadhama tradition which follows the Ashtanga Yoga of the Patanjali path. Sri Pattabhi Jois was the main teacher for asanas for Paul and this is reflected in his teaching style. Look out for those retreats at Samahita where Sri. O.P Tiwari graces the grounds to impart his teachings to current participants.

Samahita Wellness Thailand is the third branch of Samahita’s programs. These are known as the Health Programs with shorter retreats under the headings of Detox, Healthy Weight and Destress, and as the names imply these are a broader look into leading a holistic and healthy lifestyle. Each attendee is given a personalized program by the Samahita Wellness Director and the wellness team that takes into account their current lifestyle, their goals and their needs. The support offered is great and allows you to either take that push needed to change or to simply take a break from the life you lead back home. These programs are offered from three to ten days depending on the amount of time you have available.

In addition to the general Yoga, wellness and detox programs, Samahita also has what they call Wellness Sessions with three, five and seven day programs called Simple Balanced Living, Radiant Balanced Living and Pure Balanced Living respectively.

The Simple Balanced Living package gives you one therapy treatment a day (think different types of massages). The Radiant Balanced Living packages offers the massage and adds a spa treatment for face, hands or body. The Pure Balanced Living program is the deluxe level, offering massage, spa treatment and detoxifying treatments such as a colon cleanse.

Each of the three programs include Yoga classes, health-conscious buffet meals and the use of the Yoga Thailand facilities such as swimming pool and steam room.

With so many programs on offer on-site the Samahita Retreat location on the south of Koh Samui has been carefully thought out and planned for the benefit of the guests. There are more than 20 guest rooms for either shared or single occupancy situated in three buildings 50 meters from the sea and only two private one-bedroom suites located in front of the other rooms. Every room is clean and modern with a private balcony, AC, ceiling fan, mosquito netted windows, a writing desk, hair dryer, hot water kettle, fridge and wardrobe with a lockable drawer. There is even wifi in each of the rooms.

Other facilities include the dining area, swimming pool, Yoga shala, meditation garden with a sacrificial fire pit and the Wellness Center, all of which are located to the front of the property facing the beach. The Yoga shala is more than 150 square meters of bamboo hardwood flooring with large floor-to-ceiling windows along one side. All manner of props are available for use including Iyengar blocks and wall ropes. The salt water swimming pool and attached herbal steam room face an extended white sand beach that is almost exclusively used by guests of Samahita. The dining area, named Sattva Dining in honor of its food-preparation focus, serves delicious nutritionally-centered wholesome meals from international to Thai cuisine and is one of the main hubs of communal activity. Samahita Retreat now is also growing its own food on-site and uses the restaurants food waste for organic compost.

With such a wide variety of courses and treatments available, Samahita Retreat has made sure that they cover all bases to provide you with a perfect break from yourself. Whatever your favorite kind of break may be, we’re sure you’ll find it at Samahita Retreat.

About the area: Koh Samui

Koh Samui is an island and can only be accessed by plane, or boat, for the really adventurous. Travel time is an hour flight from the Thai capital Bangkok, two hours from Singapore or three hours from Hong Kong. It’s idyllic hippie-paradise beginnings are changing, so the ultra-cheap beach huts of the last ten years are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Now catering to mid- and upper-range budgets, Koh Samui has nonetheless retained the relaxed and clean atmosphere that differentiates it, and its 80 or so small islands that are part of the archipelago, from the noise and hustle of Bangkok. February through June is the best time visit, when the sun is out every day, although this is also the season when the island is busiest. July to January can experience rains and heavier winds although the temperature stays relatively constant and these off-peak times are favorites with many travelers, as the crowds have thinned out. Year-round, this tropical climate experiences high humidity and temperatures that average 30 degrees C (86F).

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