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Absolute Sanctuary specializes in hard-core detox with soft-core pillows. The range of cleansing options is already vast – and being added to all the time – so there's really no excuse not to leave feeling younger, fresher, and healthier than ever. Yoga plays an integral part of most detox programs at Absolute Sanctuary, or can be taken up as an exclusively Yoga-based vacation package.

  • What we love
  • Free airport transfers included in packages
  • The extensive Yoga Center
  • Total focus on detox and health
  • Unlimited yoga in the Yoga Holiday package
  • What to know
  • Guests must be 12 or older
  • All fees are paid in Thai Baht
  • Massage and other add-on services can be pricey
  • Why go
  • Full range of wellness services
  • Excellent choice of yoga classes
  • Gorgeous Koh Samui

In a world with few absolutes, the Absolute Group is breaking the mold. It's easy to confuse them all – there are many Yoga studios under the Absolute Yoga umbrella in Bangkok, Koh Samui, and Singapore while the Absolute Yoga Academy specializes in Yoga Teacher Training. Different again is Absolute Sanctuary, the resort of the family, where stressed out bodies can be massaged, flexed, cleansed, and fed back to top form. In fabulous Koh Samui, Absolute Sanctuary was once a small and friendly Yoga studio. Now it is a sprawling spa and wellness resort welcoming individuals and retreat groups from all over the world.

The Yoga Holiday packages at Absolute Sanctuary come in five, seven, and ten-night options. There is also a tidy little one-day sampler - marketing genius, as no-one wants to leave once they arrive. All packages include three vegetarian meals each day, smoothies, airport transfers, daily massage or aromatherapy, use of the pool, a colonic session and a few other goodies too.

The most important part of these packages (at least to us) is the unlimited Yoga. Absolute Sanctuary's on-site Yoga Center is a humming powerhouse of all things asana in a fully-equipped environment. Mats, towels, and blocks (especially for Iyengar-style practice) are all there, and the three large, airy shalas are all wood-floored delights with amazing views. One of them is fitted with custom-air options ideal for Hot Yoga classes. There are a mammoth 29 classes every week, in enough styles to suit everyone from barely-beginner to years-of-practice yogis, including the retreat's own style, Absolute Fit.

Accommodation at Absolute Sanctuary is in one of 38 Moroccan-inspired rooms. Standard rooms (Sanctuary Superior) are double or twin-share with a private bathroom (shower-only) while the largest rooms are the Sanctuary Suites with king-size beds, roomy lounge areas, private balconies and full bathroom. Meals are served in the Love Kitchen, the resort's restaurant, and are a feast for the eyes as well as the belly. All food is nutrient-dense, organic wherever possible, always local, and very vegetarian-friendly. Three meals a day at the Love Kitchen makes it hard not to feel sorry for those who are fasting.

Facilities are pretty much what you would expect at a specialist wellness resort. An exhaustive list of detox-and-destress options is offered, including full Spa and Detox centers – think multiple massage styles, facials, colonics, aromatherapy, scrubs, manicures, astrology, iridology, homeopathics, and on and on and on. The pool may seem on the small side for such a large retreat but considering the number of other pursuits – and the beach within walking distance – it's rarely, if ever, filled to capacity.

Absolute Sanctuary is one of the leading wellness resorts in a country packed with wellness resorts. Growing out of a Yoga background has given this group a huge headstart over other, similar, businesses. From Yoga comes a fundamental sense of what is needed to help the mind, body, and spirit work together in an easy harmony and this dedicated team have set about providing all of the tools and luxurious extras that could possibly be needed for a deeply recharging retreat experience.

About the area: Koh Samui

Koh Samui is an island and can only be accessed by plane, or boat, for the really adventurous. Travel time is an hour flight from the Thai capital Bangkok, two hours from Singapore or three hours from Hong Kong. It’s idyllic hippie-paradise beginnings are changing, so the ultra-cheap beach huts of the last ten years are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Now catering to mid- and upper-range budgets, Koh Samui has nonetheless retained the relaxed and clean atmosphere that differentiates it, and its 80 or so small islands that are part of the archipelago, from the noise and hustle of Bangkok. February through June is the best time visit, when the sun is out every day, although this is also the season when the island is busiest. July to January can experience rains and heavier winds although the temperature stays relatively constant and these off-peak times are favorites with many travelers, as the crowds have thinned out. Year-round, this tropical climate experiences high humidity and temperatures that average 30 degrees C (86F).

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