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Warning! A visit to Kaliyoga may result in an attack of travel-brochure cliches. Sun-drenched, peaceful, idyllic, and blissful, just to name a few. This gorgeous getaway is a deliberately-styled home-away-from-home that offers guests a relaxing and revitalizing respite from the daily grind in the quintessentially Spanish setting of Andalusia.

  • What we love
  • The warm sun of Andalusia
  • The holistic therapies, excursions and workshops as well as deep yoga
  • Small groups of up to 15 guests means more individual attention and an intimate atmosphere
  • What to know
  • Hot weather is typical in Andalusia - take sunscreen
  • Juice Detox retreats require a 7 - 14 day pre-cleanse diet before arrival
  • A 50 GBP handling fee is required for all cancellations
  • Why go
  • A relaxing and rejuvenating yoga vacation
  • The warmth and prettiness of southern Spain
  • The chance to sleep in a luxury tipi, complete with cosy beds and tiled floors

In the hot mountains of the Andalusian countryside is a little secret. Kaliyoga has been quietly taking stressed, tired bodies from the colder climes, and stretching, rejuvenating, and detoxing them to better health - mentally, physically and spiritually.

Spending a week at Kaliyoga is like spending a week with family, warm, welcoming, and intimate. From the endearing tipis (complete with comfy and cosy beds) to the colorful food that is prepared on-site from local organic produce, there is no better place to get a rejuvenating week of yoga and new friendships at excellent value-for-money.

One of the Kaliyoga catchphrases is “Less force = more grace.” Like the magnificent BKS Iyengar, the philosophy here is that doing things faster does not equal success. Instead, doing things with more awareness, albeit more slowly, is the way to grow to greatness in yoga.

The style of Kaliyoga is called dynamic yoga, essentially a free-flowing Hatha with elements of other styles. The underlying principle is that yoga is ‘meditation in motion’ and it matters not a jot what the teacher or student next to you is doing. Instead, the emphasis is on working within your own body to de-stress and regulate the internal systems. The end goal is not the pretzel-shapes of photographic yoga. It is a state of conscious bliss. Not a bad way to end a day, really.

There are several six-day retreats that run throughout the year. Each has its own yoga-based theme and these correspond nicely to the a given time of year. The Christmas yoga retreat is now so popular that additional facilities have been acquired to accommodate more people. The Saint Valentine’s Week and the biannual Juice Fasting Detox retreats are also popular, as are Yoga & Hill Walking, Dynamic Yoga & Relaxation and Juice Fasting Detox retreats. Kaliyoga have recently added a French retreat to their offerings - the same transformational getaway with a touch of Provincial charm.

Each retreat includes accommodation and meals, except in the case of the Juice Detox Fasting Retreat which, naturally, does not include any food other than juice and broth.

The range of accommodation and prices includes tipis - huge Native American-style 'wigwams' with terracotta tiled floors, power points and a shared bathroom block nearby. In the grounds are two wooden chalets each with twin beds, a porch en-suite shower bathroom. There are also single and double rooms in the farmhouse.

Food is exclusively vegetarian, with special dietary needs accommodated with advance notice. The included meals (three daily) are organic whenever possible and all produce is sourced locally. There are unlimited hot drinks, filtered water and fresh fruits available all day. Whenever the weather allows (which is most of the time in this gloriously warm part of southern Spain) dining takes place outdoors, with new friendships being cemented over the traditional act of breaking bread.

As well as the included yoga sessions, a range of holistic therapies are available. Thai massage is a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment, guaranteed to soothe sore muscles and help Kaliyoga’s guest unwind after a hard year at the office. Acupressure is part of the massage, helping the body to release its own healing abilities, and the benefits of this massage technique last long past the allotted 90 minutes. There is also chiropractic musculo-skeletal restoration, acupuncture, reflexology, and bio-magnetic therapy. For the scientifically minded, the Quantum SCIO bio-feedback diagnostic computer, developed for astronauts by NASA, is an interesting insight into the power of the mind over the body. Another ‘extra-curricular’ activity takes place in the kitchen, with cooking workshops being held to demonstrate the health-giving properties of well-prepared food. Horse-back riding is another popular mid-week pastime, giving Kaliyoga guests a chance to discover the delights of the surrounding countryside. All of these extra activities incur an additional cost.

Kaliyoga is an easy-access and great value-for-money yoga break. Accessible from all over Europe and the UK, the southern Spanish region is an ideal getaway particularly during the colder winter months. With attentive staff, excellent yoga teachers, and new friends to be made, this week is made for a deep breathing tune-up of mind, body and spirit.

About the area: Andalusia

Andalusia, also known as Andalucia, is the southern region of Spain that typifies the Spanish culture for most foreigners. This is the home of flamenco, of bull-fighting, and of those bitter Seville oranges that are good for little more than making marmalade. Andalusia is home to the city of Granada, where the Albycin (the old town) charms the newcomer with its twisting and steep cobble-stoned streets full of hidden local bars and superb street art that wind ever-upward toward the magnificent Alhambra, the millennia-old palace and fortification that was once home to the Islamic ruler of the region. For the sake of peace, ignore the smell of dog droppings (the Spanish love their dogs and hate to clean up after them). July and August are when the locals escape the cities and either make for foreign shores or at least head toward the mountains. The Sierra Nevada peaks are cool even when Granada and Seville are sweltering in 42 degrees C (107F). These mountainous areas are snowy in winter, but beautifully temperate in summer, reaching just 20 C (68F) on an average summer day.

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