»Binding Ocean and Body«


A yoga retreat with surf lessons thrown in? Yoga space, organic food café and yogic retail shop, Samudra has it all, including the unique mix of Yoga & Surf. Located in the quaint seaside town of Dunsborough, Samudra is the gathering point for yoga afficianados along the Western Coast of Australia. As well as offering great yoga, Samudra aims to promote their concept of sustainable and conscious living.

  • What we love
  • Great yoga rooms
  • Friendly and open staff
  • Sustainable living vision
  • Amazing food
  • Beautiful beaches
  • What to know
  • Only weekend retreats offered
  • No accommodation
  • Access is easiest by car from Perth
  • Extra money needed for non-yogic pursuits
  • Winter (June-August) is cold!
  • Why go
  • If you want to combine yoga and surfing
  • To learn more about healthy living, including yoga and eating
  • They have an eco-conscious ethos

At Samudra there are two yoga spaces; a large yoga hall for the bigger retreats and a slightly smaller room for more intimate settings. Both spaces are well looked after and have a great energy about them, appropriate for the very physical Ashtanga-based yoga. Breathing techniques are also taught during classes, all aimed at providing the participant with a firm grounding for self-practice at home.

Founder and director Sheridan Hammond is an avid sea-lover and surfer so Samudra also offers integrated yoga and surf classes/retreats. Many of the teachers at Samudra are certified surf-cum-yoga instructors, so don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself applying your yogic breathing to your surfing lesson!

Samudra currently only offers shorter weekend retreats at their base in Dunsborough, due to their clientele mainly being from Perth, a three hour drive away. They offer Women’s Yoga, Mixed Yoga (men/women) and Yoga-Surf weekend retreats. These are all in the moderate price range and are open to all levels of yoga experience. The retreats combine yoga - some with surfing - advice about nutrition and delicious organic food from their award winning ‘Best Vegetarian Restaurant,’ the Kombi cafe.

Samudra doesn’t offer any accommodation. They do however suggest a list of possibilities around the area, most of which are within walking distance. They do, of course, arrange accommodation during their week-long retreats in Bali, Indonesia, with participants coming mainly from the Asia Pacific. Like the Samudra base in Dunsborough, the Bali retreats revolve around sustainability, where participants are encouraged to have a vegetarian diet. This in itself Samudra believes is a step towards reducing the environmental footprint.
The eco-conscious ethos does not stop there. Samudra in Dunsborough recycles as much waste as possible, composts food, tries to source locally organic produce for the cafe, and supplements their energy consumption with solar panels.

So if you feel like a trip to Western Australia to take part in the idyllic yoga, and perhaps surf class, and absolutely crave that organic raw cacao torte with coconut and activated almond crust, then Samudra is the place for you.

About the area: Dunsborough

Dunsborough is a sleepy coastal town three hours drive from Perth in Western Australia. Although tourism is one of the main industries, the amenities are limited, in the way of small towns everywhere. For instance, public transport is almost non-existent so access to a car is vital. Nonetheless, the feeling of having stumbled across a hidden treasure is undeniable. Water activities feature prominently among Dunsborough's offerings, and fishing, diving and surfing are popular pastimes. Local wineries offer tastings and purchase opportunities at the cellar door, and as Dunsborough is home to one of the most famous bakeries in the state, a sampling of a few pastries is often in order. Nearby Nglili Cave is one of the deepest in the region and as well as being popular with cavers is also a very pretty picnic spot.

Image credit: Samudra

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