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Yoga in Mexico: Our top choices

» Here is our selection of the best yoga retreats, yoga holidays and yoga teacher trainings in Mexico «

Mexico is a favorite destination with travellers from North America as well as visitors from Europe because of its temperate climate, excellent cuisine, superb sandy beaches and fascinating ancient Mayan archaeological sites. Mexico has been a destination for mass tourism for a long time, but it is also popular with golfers and surfers. More recently Mexico has become a yoga hotspot with yogis who want to get out of their neighborhood studio and into a yoga class with a view.

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Following the international trend for detox holidays and wellness retreats, many exclusive beach resorts on Mexico's southern coast as well as in the Yucatan Peninsula offer luxury yoga retreats for the well-heeled traveler who would like to combine yoga classes with a tropical holiday. Some also offer packages combining yoga and surfing, or other activities like diving and snorkelling, kayaking, sea cruises, horseback riding and cooking classes. Well-known international teachers are invited to lead special yoga workshops of a variety of different styles during the main tourist season which runs during the winter months. Some also offer regular yoga teacher training courses throughout the year for aspiring yoga teachers.

The best time to visit Mexico is between November and March, when days are pleasantly warm but not too humid, and nights are cool and refreshing. The hottest and most humid months are from May to September. The mountainous regions of Mexico are dry and cooler than the coast.

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  • What we love
  • Mexico’s stunning beauty: mountains, jungles, deserts, tropical beaches
  • The food! Every meal is a feast for the senses
  • The relaxed vibe which makes you want to keep coming back
  • What to know
  • Many foreign nationals do not require a visa to visit Mexico
  • Hurricane season runs from June to November and may not be the best time to come
  • Since most yoga retreats are hosted by luxury resorts, they tend to be pricey
  • Why go
  • To experience the scenic beauty of Mexico and its’ relaxed lifestyle
  • With opportunities for diving, surfing, trekking, and exploring ancient ruins, there’s no shortage of things to do
  • This is a great way to escape from the cold during the winter months
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    • Maya Tulum

      »Exotic Luxury«
      Yoga style: Hatha
      Yoga offer: Yoga retreats
      Location: Mexico > Tulum
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    • Present Moment Retreat

      »Celebration of life, fun and yoga on pure white Mexican sands«
      Yoga style: Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha
      Yoga offer: Yoga teacher training, Yoga retreats
      Location: Mexico > Troncones
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