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Yoga in Australia: Our top choices

» Here is our selection of the best yoga retreats, yoga holidays and yoga teacher trainings in Australia «

“I love a sunburnt country...” Although this classic line from the Dorothea Mackellar poem invokes images of endless red dust and a sky so blue it hurts the eyes, there is more to Australia than the outback and beaches. Still a must-visit country for backpackers but gone are the days of cheap beer and meat pies. Australia is expensive, cosmopolitan, and vast. It is also one of the fastest-growing yoga-interest regions on the planet, and with the ever-increasing number of yoga retreats and yoga teacher training courses to choose from, Australia is providing a wealth of choice.

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The most popular spots for yoga holidays in Australia are also the most popular places to live. The east coast of Australia, stretching down into the state of Victoria - has a fairly temperate climate, and the combination of ocean, sun, and rainforest is hugely appealing. Yoga retreats large and small make use of these idyllic locations to welcome plenty of locals as well as a few overseas visitors.

Visas are compulsory for everyone except New Zealand citizens and any attempt to bring in food and other declarables is taken very seriously, with people being put straight back on the plane for failing to comply. Unless you’re in the southern states, the weather is extremely hot and the sun is deadly. Temperatures of 30C - 40C are not uncommon in the summer (95F - 104F) and can range up to 45+ in the red center (114F).

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  • What we love
  • Australia is larger than continental Europe - there’s plenty of places to go
  • The variety of landscapes and wildlife that can’t be found anywhere else on Earth
  • Although English is the official language, Koori (aboriginal) languages are still found in the north
  • What to know
  • People die in the outback -- take the distance and heat seriously
  • It’s expensive -- the Australian dollar is on par with the US dollar and a sandwich in the city costs upwards of $7
  • Of the twenty deadliest animals on Earth, most of them live in Australia
  • Why go
  • A plethora of yoga experiences, from ashrams to retreats
  • Clean, safe, and relatively friendly
  • A world of landscapes in one country
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    • Samudra

      »Binding Ocean and Body«
      Yoga style: Ashtanga
      Yoga offer: Local classes, Yoga retreats
      Location: Australia > Dunsborough
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