Ganesha Yoga Shala


Deutsche Übersetzung in Kürze - hier ist die englische Beschreibung:

True to the Sanskrit meaning of “shala”, the Ganesha Yoga Shala really is “a space dedicated to yoga”. The small house, tucked away in a quiet residential area on Phuket Island, was intentionally designed to fit just a maximum of 15 students who can practise the Ashtanga yoga sequence here in daily classes under the owner's guidance. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, a tourist or a Phuket resident – all are welcome to step into this tranquil space and focus on their personal yoga practice. Regular workshops by visiting teachers are on offer throughout the year, and private lessons can be arranged at your hotel. Make your Ganesha Yoga experience complete by booking the guest villa just a few steps from the Shala, a cosy self-contained house for up to three people.

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